Lighten up your Home in Style with Arc Floor Lamps

Lighten up your Home in Style with Arc Floor Lamps

A Floor lamp is a stylish fixture that is chic and capable of adding volumes of sophistication to your décor. If you are someone who loves to experiment the look of your house with varying light elements and intensities, floor lamps are something you must have considered. They give your place a touch of class with a warm amicable ambiance. This type of lamp is perfect for any type of setup, be it office, home or any place where you can just sit, relax and enjoy the vibes of the place. A modern variety of floor lamps is the Arc Floor lamp, which is mostly made of steel. The fundamental difference between the traditional lamp and its modern cousin is that the stem of the lamp in arc floor lamps is curved. Thus, in order to keep the lamp fixated and in place, a firm base is required. This base may be made out of steel or any other material that may be found appropriate to bear the weight of the lamp and balance it. Several variations of this type of lamps are available with differences in shape, type of bulb used and the position of the switch. Arc Floor Lamps are available in different head shapes from the standard lampshade look to hemispherical shaped heads. Besides this, lamps with closed heads made out of glass are also on offer. The choice of head shape is solely determined by the light effect you are looking for.


A hemispherical head shaped lamp will have a limited reach and will light up areas only within its field of view. On the contrary, a glass head will light up the entire space. Depending on the type of lighting and the effect you desire, you can have a look at lamps with halogen bulbs or Type-A bulbs, in addition to several other options, which are also available.


The variations that use halogen lamps provide bright white light and are a good option if you wish to use the lamp for reading purposes as halogen lights are soft on your eyes without ruining the aesthetic value of the lamp. However, its dimmer counterparts are excellent options for living rooms where lamps are solely used for creating a warm ambience. For the sake of convenience, which of course differs from person to the person, you can choose a lamp with a foot switch or an in-line switch.


Irrespective of whether you are looking to change the entire look of your room or add value to your existing interiors, the Arc Floor lamps are an excellent option. In fact, they are used by most interior designers, to “push” the wall, and make the look of the room strong. In addition to its aesthetic value, the Arc Floor Lamp is an excellent choice if you are a regular reader who likes to sit in the arm chair and read something till late evenings. These lamps are capable of adding a special touch to any space giving it the ‘wow’ factor that it was previously lacking.


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