You’ve Got a Balcony. Now Use It !

You’ve Got a Balcony. Now Use It !

Ahh the balcony. The urban backyard. The site of so many (cramped) cookouts and morning coffee drinking sessions. Sure, you might find it a bit challenging to play a game of croquet on your balcony, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t get any use out of it. If you’re lucky enough to have a balcony, whether it’s in the big city or looking out over your spacious backyard, you might be wondering how best to take advantage of this unique architectural feature. Chances are that your balcony is just sprawling with unused space. If yours is anything like most, square footage is hard to come by. The key to maximizing your balcony is to maximize the space of your balcony. You can set up a full dining set with a small bistro table and four small bistro chairs to enjoy full meals on your balcony.




In today’s condos, balconies are typical 8’ X 5’ sardine cans, but a small set of colorful chairs can add personality to the space (especially when paired with a stylish rug) providing plenty of warmth in the cooler months. A balcony provides you with an opportunity to continue the design theme that we established throughout the rest of the house.




If chairs are taking up too much space, consider purchasing folding chairs that can be scooted into a corner when not in use. Feel free to play with the space of your balcony.




Balconies come in different sizes and shapes. Have fun decorating your balcony but just keep in mind your space constraints. Remember that a balcony that actually has some furniture and decoration to it actually appears larger than an unfurnished Plain Jane one. It’s the small touches like stylish chairs, a chiminea, a rug and a hanging flowerbed that turn the balcony from a slab of concrete that abuts your home into your balcony.